Single #2 - Condoms Go On All Four Penises
out 1/17/20

cover art by Mike Diana

Limited Mike Diana 7" Risograph Artwork

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li'l animated version
by Johnny Chiba

.wav - Condoms Go On All Four Penises

'Condoms go on all four penises' is the second single from the TFG album, 'Swallow Sperm.' It's a song that addresses the limitations of a threesome. We do believe in safe sex, but we believe just as strongly in raunchy rock and roll. Guitars, keyboards, and loud beats collide on this anthem. You can mosh or make out with your personal trainer-it's all good as far as we're concerned.

TFG continues to bring the laughs to anyone who likes sexual liberation and distorted guitars. The song starts off with a cock-ophony of experimental guitar noise - but don't be fooled. Once the tune kicks in, you're going to hear a verse, chorus, verse that will integrate classick rock and 90's alternative-while encouraging you to hop on the d train.  

The single cover artwork is from the notorious comic artist Mike Diana.

Swallow Sperm will be released as 6 singles, each with Mike Diana cover art; All 6 together form a mega-yuge artwork, to be reproduced as a poster to accompany TFG's Summer 2020 cd release.

TFG has been unleashing its own hybrid of new wave, noise rock and pro-sex propaganda since 2005. If you like the LGBT and hate the GOP, TFG has got you covered, from the bath house to the mosh pit. TFG is the epitome of radical homosexuality.

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