Single #6 - Marilyn Manson I Will Suck Your Dick
out 5/22/20

cover art by Mike Diana

.wav - Marilyn Manson I Will Suck Your Dick

Marilyn Manson I Will Suck Your Dick' is the 5th single from the newest TFG album, Swallow Sperm.

The band wanted to create a shorter song than usual. A pop song. A song that would be a fist-pumping and butt-bumping anthem for the ages. This song is a love letter to Manson - as well as a diss track to both Marilyn Monroe and Caitlyn Jenner. Hey Caitlyn, if you're LGBT - and you're a fan of the GOP - expect to be shit on by TFG.

The song features catchy post punk/goth guitar riffs over groovy but ever-shifting drums. There's even some melodic vocals from producer/guitarist Doc Octocock which pop in to prepare you for the chorus. The song ends with an extended, swirling, psychedelic solo that is powerful enough to summon the ghosts of Hendrix and Page. Wait, Page isn't dead? You could have fooled me.

Hard rock, pansexual lust and insult comedy cum together in a rifftastic celebration of queer sonic rebellion. And if you meet Marilyn before I do, give him a big sloppy kiss on the cock from TFG.      

Single cover artwork from the notorious comic artist Mike Diana.

Swallow Sperm will be released as 6 singles, each with Mike Diana cover art; All 6 together form a mega-yuge artwork, to be reproduced as a poster to accompany TFG's Summer 2020 cd release.

TFG has been unleashing its own hybrid of new wave, noise rock and pro-sex propaganda since 2005. If you like the LGBT and hate the GOP, TFG has got you covered. From the bath house to the mosh pit, TFG is the N.W.A. of homosexuality.

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