A Note from TFG Founder Kneepad Nikki:
"Tell Trump to Suck Your Dick"

TFG "G.O.P (Gag On Penis)"

Chapter 1:

The mid term election is upon us. 2018 provides you with a
single opportunity to tell Trump to suck your dick.
Trump is greedy and xenophobic. The entire GOP is greedy and xenophobic.
Unless you're a white supremacist and a multi-millionaire,
this group of deplorable politicians has nothing to offer you.

Are the Dems perfect? Oh shit, I just spit out my tea. Don't make me laugh so hard,
I'm going to choke. And if I was going to choke on something I don't want it to be tea.
Back to the Dems. They aren't even smart enough to realize that all they have to do is
copy Bernie's notes, word for word, and hand them in to the teacher.
They could easily get an A+ using that technique and I don't think
Bernie would mind one bit. Sadly, many are stuck in a 90's neoliberal time warp
where they think 'the market' will solve all our problems.

But why bash the boring and moderate when we can bash the evil and insane.
The GOP is led by an orange clown who publicly claims that coal is indestructible.
These wealthy shitheads aren't anti elite, they're anti-intellectual. Big difference.

Not only are the GOP anti-intellectual. So are their strongest supporters.

So if you have a functioning brain and you're not a racist with 3 houses,
you've got to use the ballot to flush these GOP turds down the toilet.

Let's close with Chomsky's appraisal of the GOP.

Chapter 2:

I said earlier that the mid term election provides you with an opportunity to tell Trump
to suck your dick. Remember that-from like-2 minutes ago? The funny thing is that
Trump might not have a problem with that. I know, it's a gross thought.
But a mouth is a mouth and while he's sucking, you can close your eyes
and pretend it's Brad Pitt from 'Fight Club.' Many GOP politicians,
and supporters, wouldn't mind sucking your dick-or mine-even though they
get on television and talk about how gays (or the entire LGBT) are going to be
the downfall of blah blah blah. When you hear about Conservative male politicians
involved in sex scandals, is it often with another man? It is, isn't it?

That's the reason that TFG wrote the song GOP.
That's the reason TFG is releasing this beautifully animated music video
(think Larry Flynt meets Pixar) which illustrates and celebrates all the 'perversion'
and 'debauchery' that the GOP publicly rails against but privately indulges in.
Do you think the only dick pics that TFG gets are sent are from Democratic
voters/politicians? Damn, that was so funny that the tea came out of my nose.
The liberal TFG groupies ask Kneepad Nikki to come over for a threesome
with them and their significant other. The conservative groupies ask Nikki
to come over when their wife is out of town.

So in closing, we need to vote against the GOP now and forevermore because
they are greedy and xenophobic. But also, because they are fucking hypocrites;
just like their brothers from other mothers, the dudes who run organized religion.
They both love to lecture you about how your sexual interests are wrong.
However, behind closed doors they are doing things that would make Kinsey blush.

TFG believes in equality. Everyone deserves equal rights and protections under the law.
Everyone deserves food, health care and housing whether they work or not.
And everyone deserves to have a fun sex life with consenting adults of their choice.
Any organization or individual who tries to prevent that from happening is your
enemy and should be treated as such.


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