A Note from TFG Founder Kneepad Nikki

Nov 8th is the 1-year anniversary of Donald Trump (aka Orange Anus)
winning the election. Since then, blacks, Latins, women, the poor, Muslims,
the LGBT and all undocumented immigrants that have darker skin
than Conan O'Brien have been shitting in their pants.

On the other hand, rich, white, hetero, xenophobic men have been
salivating at the prospect of having their taxes slashed and the military
budget boosted. Some people think getting rid of Trump is the answer.

Others, such as TFG and Cher, see that Pence has all the bad qualities
of Trump - minus his twitter addiction, but with more homophobia.
What can be done about the sorry state of affairs in the USA?

Nazi's are marching with tiki torches.
Unarmed blacks are being killed by cops.
Hate crimes against all marginalized groups are on the rise.
Lady Gaga's last album was a complete let down.
Wealth inequality is skyrocketing.
Trans troops are banned from the military.
There are legal challenges to gay marriage that people thought
were impossible 18 months ago.

TFG has thought long and hard about the daunting road ahead of us.
We smoked weed, watched porn, ate pizza, smoked some more weed
and developed a 3-point plan that is designed to restore balance between
the forces of good and evil in the USA, and the galaxy.

Step 1: Buy the new TFG e.p.- which is called G.O.P. (Gag On Penis).
The release date is 11/08/17 so buy it now, no need to wait.
Buy an extra copy in case we go to war with Korea and the nuclear
fallout destroys your original copy. Safety first.

Step 2: Have a lot of good sex. It doesn't matter if it's with men, women,
blow up dolls or your own right hand. Orgasms for all is a form of
'Basic Income' that everyone can enjoy without any legislation.
Use a condom, even if you're only having sex with yourself.
You don't know where that hand has been.

Step 3: You have to transform from a passive person who votes
for the president once every four years into an activist person who sees
politics in everything you do. Where do you bank? Where do you buy
your food and clothes? What organization(s) do you work for?
Who do you donate money to?

If money is power, and we all know it is, you must work to defund all
conservative organizations; from the Catholic Church to Chick Fil A to
Faux News to Ivanka Trump's new dildo line. I heard good things about it,
but no - I refuse to support that bitch. And you must put money into all
businesses, charitable organizations, massage parlors, politicians and
bakeries who are progressive and promote progressive values.

Voting is great. Talking to people is great. Getting the Democratic party
leaders to endorse Medicare for all and a $15 minimum wage is great.
Getting Drag Race on prime time network TV is great.

But I hear your frustration. Those things will take time and you want
to make a difference today. Ultimately, money talks and bullshit walks.
You can start by supporting TFG instead of Kid Rock.
Our music is cooler - and that guy's a fucking douche.

Buy G.O.P. (Gag On Penis) wherever you purchase music.
It's there, it's legs are spread, and it's waiting for you.

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